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Volunteer information.

Makalu Arun Social Trek  (MAST)   a non profit distributing social trekking company established by SESF Khandbari  offers   social trekking activities including  volunteering opportunity in its itineraries. In the MAST volunteering program, the guests are offered the chance to volunteer  along the trekking route as per their  choice and interest.  These opportunities  will be  a unique and  wonderful chance for  them to interact with the local people and  study about  their   authentic rural life..
School volunteer programs can be an additional teaching guide for the students. Cultural and language exchange – in teaching and other school activities – can be an essential learning experience for students, teachers, and volunteers.
  • Teaching English at Secondary Higher Secondary Schools.
  • Distributing educational  materials to the school children
  • Distributing equipments and materials to the hospital/health.
  • Sharing ideas about poverty poverty reduction;running small scale enterprise.
  • Sponsoring a poorest for education through SESF.
  • Distributing  clothes to the kids at the orphanage.
  • Donating food (Rice Lentils vegetables, and fruits)sleeping bags, mattress,blankets to orphanage.
  • Donating books, pens,pencils,crayons,drawing papers to the orphanage/schools.

SN Name of Volunteer Country Period Volunteer report Remarks
1 Ms.Dunja Slovenia           2010 Volunteer The fist volunteer
2 Shou Fang + Xylue+
China Sept.2-Sept.23.2012 Volunteer    Volunteer
3 Natasha Weinberg UK February12,2012  Volunteer Volunteer
4. MichaelIreland Oct 3-Oct 15,2013 Volunteer  Volunteer
5 Jumoke Richards UK Oct.21-Dec.28,2013    Volunteer  Volunteer 
6 Paulina Vaughn Sweden Dec4- Dec.28,2013 Volunteer  Volunteer
7 Rafael Moliner Spain July24-Sept.2,2014 Volunteer Volunteer
8 Melissa Pertusi Brazil Aug.10-Sept.6,2014 Volunteer Volunteer

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