Child Welfare Home Khandbari

Child Welfare Home (CWH) Khandbari   is an  orphanage established in Khandbari of eastern Nepal by a Children's Club entitled MATS Nepal in 2005. The organization has been established  to provide local orphans with safe shelter, educational opportunities, medical care, and perhaps most importantly, love and support.

There are currently 12 kids (seven boys and five girls) living in CWH.  The children range from ages 6 to 16.  The orphans are cared for by Mrs. Dhana Maya Nepal, a 41-year old care taker mother. Mrs. Nepal and her daughter are homeless and landless,  after  the death of  her  husband.
Mrs. Nepal spends nearly every moment of her day caring for the children of CWH. She provides  the kids  with warmth, love and support.

CWH currently lacks financial resources to continue to provide adequate care and support for its  12 children on a daily  basis.

Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF)

SESF is a registered nonprofit social organization established   in Khandbai in 2011 dedicated to  bring a change in the lives of  orphaned and helpless, poorest  Nepalese children. SESF has established Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST), a government licensed, non-profit social trekking company in Khandbari. MAST organizes, coordinates, and facilitates community friendly social trekking around eastern Nepal.

How to get involve?

As detailed above, there are a number of ways in which you can help CWH:
  • Help spread the word regarding CWH, SESF and MAST! We’re always happy to speak with anyone who may be interested in our programs.
  • Donate or assist our  fundraising project  via  Global giving organization 
  • We will provide photos and updates of the all the CWH children throughout your donation time! 
  • Enjoy  social trekking with  MAST! Enjoy the beautiful Makalu and Arun Valley Region of Eastern Nepal.
  • Sponsor an orphan  for $25.00 USD per month. This   money will  be used to pay for the child's  monthly school fees, school  uniform, books, stationery  jumper  and  and othrer necessary materials.
SN Name of the child Date of Birth School Years at the orphanage

1 Mr.Rabin Khanal July 23,2000 HMV. Khandbari 6.years Chewa
2 Mr.Sammar Rai ------ Mother Land Boarding 4 years Yaphu
3 Mr. Santosh Dharji Dec.10,2000 Barun Boarding 7 years Manga than 
4 Mr.Nabin Magar ---------- Makalu Boarding 6 years Solakhani 
5 Mr.Pujan Khandka Jan. 20,2008  Makalu Boarding School 2 years Madi
6 Ms. Raj Kumar Pariyar  Aug. 13,2008  Makau Boarding School 2 years Mamling
7 Mr.Sundar Rai Sept.5,2002 Surya Boarding 6 years. Bala
8 Ms.Kopila Limbu July 4,1998 HMV Khandbari 7 years Barabise
9 Ms.Sandhya Sherpa Feb.9,2001 Barun Boarding 7 years Matsya pokhari
10 Ms.Shova Nepal Feb.22,2003 HMV Khadbari 7 years No
11 Ms.Kinari Sharma -------- Surya Boarding 7 years Khadbari
12 Ms. Sangita B. K. June 3,2003 Brun Boarding 7 years Chewabesi