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About Us

Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF) is a registered non-profit social organization  established  in Khandbari of eastern Nepal. The organization was established in 1997 with the assistance of  US Peace Corps volunteer  Mrs. Alyssa Nyberg.

The organization registration number is 79 and Personal Identification Number (PAN) is 302302955. SESF has also been affiliated with the Government of Nepal Social Welfare Council. Its affiliation number is 17776.

Now SESF has a  working  committee of seven (7) members including two lady members. Mr. Bishwa Kumar Bajracharya  and  and Mr. Tejanath Pokharel are  the chairman and secretary treasurer of the organization respectively.

SESF Mission

SESF exists to support orphaned and helpless, poorest children  who  have lack  of educational opportunities  to obtain a quality formal education.

SESF Vision
  • Improve access to education for the children in Khandbari and surrounding districts in Eastern Nepal   
  • Decrease school dropout rates in Khandbari and surrounding districts
  •  Nurture children into diverse and self-reliant leaders
Guiding principles
  • Maximum utilization of minimum resource, accountability, transparency and selfless service are sour guiding principles 
SESF Current Projects:

 Child Sponsorship  Program

SESF's Child Sponsorship Program brings change in the lives of many children in the Sankhuwasabha. Under our program, children receive scholarship for school uniforms, monthly school fees, stationery, medical treatment, etc. Donors can select a child to sponsor. Sponsored children receive education at either a private English boarding school or a government school in Khandbari.
Fore   more  information click here 

Orphanage Support Program

Under the SESF  orphanage support program we have been supporting   Child Welfare Home Khandbari. There are 12 children; 7 boys and 5 girls between the ages of 6 to 15 years. 
Social Trekking opportunity in Nepal

SESF  has established Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST), a non profit distributing social trekking company in Khandbari  of eastern Nepal. MAST organizes, coordinates and facilitates community-friendly social trekking adventures that helps drive visitors to the district and generate income for the orphanage and the local community. For  more information  about MAST  please click here.

SESF Volunteering Program:

SESF welcomes enthusiastic volunteers from around the world, who would are as passionate about the children in Sankhuwasabha as we are. Here are some of the volunteering placements available at the Child Welfare Home Khandbari:  
  • Helping  12  kids at  Child Welfare Home Khandbari  complete their homework, as well as teaching them to play games and have fun.
  • Helping the children and staff of the orphanage develop their computer skill
  • Helping the orphanage care taker mother purchase food and vegetables in the market
  • Helping the children understand the importance of education and self-development and also encouraging them in their studies.
  • Providing the children with love and care
  • Helping the English teacher of the school improve their English language skills
  • Share our fund rising project among their networks, family and friends
For  more information  about  volunteering opportunity  please click here.
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