SESF Khandbari

Welcome to Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF) Khandbri! A registered non-profit  social organization established in Khandbari, Northeastern part of Nepal, in 1997. SESF aims to create educational opportunities for children in need, particularly girls, from Khandbari and its surrounding districts.  Many of the children that we serve have lost their fathers due to either death or imprisonment and their mothers lack the means to care for them  independently without external support.

SESF Committee

SESF has a working committee of  7 members and an international Chief Adviser Mrs. Alyssa Nyberg. All our  committee members are committed to volunteer service.

Guiding principles

We are free from discrimination among any castes and religions.Maximum utilization of minimum resource, accountability, transparency and selfless service are sour guiding principles

Non-Profit status 

SESF is a  registered  non profit  charity and educational organization.   The organization registration  number at  Distinct administration office, Sankhuwasabha  is 79.  SESF has also been affiliated with  Social Welfare Council  Kathmandu and its Affiliation Number is 17776.  SESF Permanent account  Number (PAN) is  302303955.

Through SESF   our guests   will have an opportunity to:
  1. be a God parents of a  helpless child  by sponsoring him her or her   for education.
  2. help raise fund  for SESF Orphanage Support Program 
  3. enjoy community  friendly social trekking   program around eastern Part of Nepal through  Makalu Arun  Social Trek ( MAST) company   established by SESF  Khandbari.
  4. bring a change   in the society by volunteering service at the orphanage, school or other community development projects.
  5. involve in study/research/internship program around Makalu Arun Valley region of eastern Nepal
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Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF)
Kosshi Zone (Nepal)